Born in June 1956 in Paris, with the desire to practice an art craft, I followed the teaching of the School of Arts and Manufactures of Sevres.

I wanted to tattoo, and this appeared very early at the crossroads of my passion for drawing, those for Japan, samurai and martial arts, and when meeting Harley Davidson clubs in Paris ; which will be my real meeting with tattoo. I watched a long time before starting by myself…

I started as professional tattooist in 1984, and I never stopped since this date.

Always fascinated by Japan, and enclosing my way of tattooing in this great tradition, I had to see it by myself! In 1996 came the opportunity, let’s go to Tokyo…

During a meeting in an Amsterdam convention, I met Shimada KEIBUNSHA, who put me in touch with Horiyoshi Ш (who has been practicing his art on my person). It was an opportunity to be introduced to Goro Sakamoto HORIJIN, whom I consider my “Sensei” (my teacher), and also Mitsuaki OHWADA and Kazuo OGURI (who later confirmed me as member of Tattoo Club of Japan).

In Japan, tattoo is a traditional art that is practiced in the ancient way with bamboo needles and has no storefront, in my studio in Paris, I meet people sensitive to tradition, but who can look for modern patterns, and want to be tattooed in a safe and modern environment (see the tattoo shop)!

Although tattooing is becoming more democratic and loses its “thug” image, it is important to me that a person who comes to me for a tattoo is aware of the decision and the commitment it represents.

Come see me, I’ll explain why I’m Horiseï (the one who engraves with his heart).

Bernard Soufflet, Paris, 2012 Bernard Soufflet, dessin de samouraï Bernard Soufflet au Japon

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